About Us

Our purpose is simple;

Deliver professional outsourced solutions to real estate agencies – enabling our clients to achieve high growth, maximum returns and time savings.


Our reason for being;

Pinnacle was founded based on the needs and requirements from market leading real estate agencies who consulted with us seeking a professional service provider that could harness the benefits from the advances in technology, rapid industry growth and a need for their people to focus on client relationships, while dramatically reducing the fixed cost of business today.

Over the past 25 years we have assisted thousands of leading real estate businesses achieve this by partnering with them to deliver end to end solutions tailored to their business needs and future growth strategies.


Our people to empower;

Our people synergise with your brand, culture, operations and aspirations in a committed pursuit of your business goals. We provide a team of property and service sector professionals of the highest standards, that are personable and talk the language of the property industry at any level.

We take pride in our team being consultative and progressive strategic-thinkers that are passionate about the services they provided to clients, with a mindset from all aspects of business, from top-line management to frontline operations.

Our team have gone through a meticulous process to join Pinnacle and on average have over 20 years’ experience in the property services industry.


Our passion to embrace;

We are constantly striving to improve efficiencies for our clients which results in significant cost and time savings for them.

By utilising the latest and most advanced web-based technology platforms, coupled with our team of industry experts, we achieve a highly cost-effective service that is tailored to our client’s needs for today, tomorrow and the future.

We partner with the best technology and professional service providers in Australia that are complimentary to us and our clients.


Our expertise to deliver;

At Pinnacle, we provide a vast array of business services from project management, professional consulting to daily administration and financial task management.

Our market-leading managed services of end to end trust accounting, bookkeeping and process-driven administration functions ensure all the boxes are ticked and compliance is met.

We also assist our clients transition from one software system to another with migration services, team training or just advice on software suitability before they make mission-critical decisions.